News from Mr. V
November 4, 2023

I hope you are all enjoying this nice Fall weather weekend!  See below for some news and updates.
Calendar Clarifications 🗓
I just wanted to take a minute to clarify some of the upcoming holiday dates in our calendar.  Last year, RIDE created the state-wide calendar and identified Monday, November 13th as the date to observe Veterans Day.  The majority of the districts in the state are following this calendar, but there are some select districts that are taking Friday instead. However, we will be open for business this Friday 🙂
Speaking of holidays, we do have a full-day on Wednesday, November 22nd as well.  
RICAS Data Discussion 📊
Please consider joining me at 5:15 this Wednesday for a presentation on our RICAS scores from last year.  Even if your child is not old enough to take the assessment, it is a good opportunity to learn more about the test itself and how it is tied into our charter renewal and overall scores with RIDE.  Also, if your child is in 4th or 5th grade, you can receive a special sneak peak of your child’s score!
PTO Meeting
This Wednesday also happens to be the next PTO Meeting.  Please consider joining the meeting in-person (perhaps after the RICAS Data Discussion 😃) or via Zoom at 6:00.  

Drew Virbila, M.Ed. (Mr. V)