News from Mr. V
October 26, 2023

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying this “fall weather” we are having.  See below for some news and updates.  
GaGa Ball
I am very pleased to announce that the Gaga Ball pit is officially open for business!  Many thanks to the PTO, and ultimately YOU, for donating the money to get it up and running.  The staff had to “try it out to make sure it worked” this Wednesday during our lunch break between work sessions.  Spoiler alert – it does 🙂
P.S. – That is Ms. Wendy in the middle.  I am not sure what happened there! 
RICAS Test Talk 📊
For those who don’t know, each year students in Grades 3-5 take the RICAS assessment in both Math and ELA in the Spring.  School-wide and individual student scores have arrived and we are analyzing the results as we speak.  To that end, I will be holding a RICAS Data Discussion at 5:15 prior to the next PTO meeting on November 8th.  I encourage all to attend even if your students are on the younger end so you know what to expect as your child moves through the grade levels.  Also, families of current 4th and 5th grade students should expect your child’s score in the mail in the not so distant future.  
Attendance Matters 🙋
Research shows that there is a direct correlation between school attendance and academic success.  Click HERE to learn more about the importance of building strong attendance habits at the elementary school level.  
Thanks! ❤
I want to give a shout out to the PTO and all other staff members and families who donated time, supplies, candy, or all of the above to this year’s Fall Fest.  It was a beautiful day with lots of smiles!
Upcoming Important Dates
  • November 6th – United Skates of America PTO Event
  • November 7th – Election Day (no school except select teacher conferences)
  • November 9th – RICAS Data Discussion (5:15) and PTO Meeting (6:00)
  • November 13th – Veterans Day (No School)
  • November 18th – PTO Parents Night Out
  • November 23rd-26th – Thanksgiving Break

Drew Virbila, M.Ed. (Mr. V)