September 6, 2022

Greetings Kingston Hill Academy Community. We are grateful to have the first four days of school under our belt and we are looking forward to a great school year. Kudos to our families for a smooth Drop-off and Pick-up the first week!


Thank you for being safe for our kid’s sake! Families have their signs, are remaining off the property until 3:15 to allow our buses to clear the area and some are even stopping back far enough on the roadway to allow buses to make the big swing onto Stony Fort to get out safely and smoothly. You rock parents! Keep up the good work.


Modes of Communication


Here are the communications to be aware of this year for all things KHA:

  • Mrs. Carr’s newsletter – comes out in a blog format from the KHA website.
  • A Note from Mrs. Carr – an important announcement or update that can’t wait until the newsletter sent to you via email.
  • Blackboard Connect – This is a communication tool I will use for quick reminders or emergency updates. It allows me to text or email a short communication to everyone at one time. You are automatically enrolled in this through the admissions process.
  • RI Broadcasters – You must sign up for this alert system online through clicking on the link below. You can choose to get text message alerts directly to your phone for school cancellations instead of watching them scroll by on your T.V. screen.

RI Broadcasters Assn. – TextCaster 


We are simply under the Letter K under Public Schools!


  • our website is a great place to find KHA Kares Club forms, lunch forms and menus, and other policies or forms related to KHA.


**Remember that if you need to communicate with the KHA office, no need to send a note with your child, you can just email

Parent Orientation 2022-2023:

When? Thursday, September 8th for all grades


What time?  6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

What to Expect?

We will start in the MPR at 6:00 with an introduction and general Q & A session. Then we will transition into the classrooms for Session #1 (6:30-7:15) and Session #2 (7:15-8:00). We will announce when it is time for the sessions to end to keep it on schedule.


Remember: The sessions are the exact same information to allow parents to attend more than one (especially if they have more than one KHA student).

*This is an adult only event and no more than 2 adults per family is allowed to keep this a Covid-friendly event. Thank you.

I hate to even say the word, Covid, but alas it is still a reality. KHA’s Back-2-School plan is on our website for some pleasure reading, but basically in a nutshell we are getting back to pre-covid protocols on illness and absenteeism.


  1. Attendence is important to a student’s success in school and his/her future. Research shows that chronic absenteeism has a significant negative impact on not only academic achievement, but a student’s social emotional health as well !
  1. Truancy is a form of chronic absenteeism and public schools have a legal obligation to intervene and even file a truancy petition with family court when students are chronically absent or truant. This includes being excessively tardy! Start a good morning routine now with your kiddos to avoid these issues.


  1. Covid policies have changed and if your child is not feeling well enough for school, then keep them home and call the office at 783-8282 by 8:30 am to report the absence to Nurse Judy. You should call your pediatrician as needed, and if you feel it necessary to get a Covid test, then that is a family decision. K-12 testing sites do not exist any longer, but you can get a test if you choose at CVS, Walgreens, your pediatrician’s office or a home test.


  1. If you do test, and the result is positive, KHA policy is to stay home for five days with a return on Day 6. When your child returns, he/she should wear a mask for days 6-10. You can calculate a return date by counting the first day of symptoms as Day 0, then return on Day 6 to school as long as fever free for 24 hours and your symptoms have improved.
  2. If you do not get a test, then do like the old days and return to school when your child is fever free for 24 hours, or symptoms improve to attend school.

A negative test is NOT required to return to school.